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How I felt a year ago (25.06.2015)

How I felt a year ago (25.06.2015)

This is a post that I wrote in my personal journal. I haven't written in it in over a year, I found that using this blog is enough of some sort of output for me. To set the scene, a little over a year ago I hadn't actually shot any fashion photography - I mean with a completely unknown model, not with friends. I'm from a small town, which meant it was difficult for me to find models and that was my excuse.

Two steps forward, one step back (10.02.2014)

Every time I try to move forward, there's the realisation that I'm not moving. I've learnt as much of the theory side of photography, of fashion photography, of lighting, and composition. I've spent a bloody year and a half (on and off) trying to organise a shoot in London. The idea's strong in my head, no models. Models, but no idea. I'll try my hardest this year. To incorporate fashion into my college project. So far 'I'm the fashion photographer who hasn't shot any fashion'. Well, that's not entirely true, I shot Oli and Rishan, but that was all in a confined, confident and comfortable place. I need to grow a pair and shoot outside of Luton.

I've got no clue what I'm going to do. I'm good at photography, but I need to be great at one genre of photography. I kept pushing the decision off and off, but after visiting LCC, I realised that I'm well behind. People know what the fuck they're doing but not me. Like an unexposed roll of film approaching its expiry date. I just need to push the shutter and enjoy the ride.

The photoshoot that took one and a half years to plan.

I've got a wardrobe artist/model; now I just need a concept. Flowers are in at the moment, so floral prints and jeans? Floral blouse in rainy/snowy weather? Bad idea.

Okay location, Convent Garden area, Soho Garden, Victoria Embankment Gardens? Somewhere with interesting architecture. Street Fashion

Technical Stuff

Well it's for a Photography project, what cameras to take...
D90 + Polaroid is the safest bet
Candid style narrative. 20 Final shots - 100 + overall
Budget: travelcard - £20, food/drink £20 = £40.

Okay so you get the gist of how I was feeling at the time. I don't think I'll post my after shoot thoughts, mostly because it was just me going OH MY GOD! I FINALLY SHOT SOMEONE!

I would say I've improved a good bit since that journal entry, albeit not as much as I had hoped. I hope to shoot some more this summer, and to follow my Five Year Plans, to get published next year. I might post more of these personal entries if they're suitable.

 The shoot with Emma in which the journal entry was leading up to.

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