Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Experimenting with Lights + London (11.12.2013)

Experimenting with lights + London (11/12/2013)

London. With university stuff happening lately, I felt like I've not really expressed why I chose universities based in London. As someone living in -I would say a small town, but it's not very small anymore- a town, there are a lot less opportunities for me to find models, to find creative work. From what I've seen on websites like ModelMayhem a lot of models in the UK are situated in London, the fashion capital of Britain. London will help me progress and experiment further in fashion photography by providing opportunities. As someone who's very shy, I think hope London will help me get more contacts in the industry, and force me out of my shell.

I never got around to uploading this experiment, so here it is! This experiment is for my A2 Photography Project, 'Colour and Experimental'. In this experiment I just played around with lights and tried to create some really unusual images. Some of these images are unedited, the ones in a square crop have been edited with the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop.

I loved this photo in particular. There's just a sense of emptiness and loneliness. It fit well with one of my artists I'd chosen for inspiration, Wolfgang Tillmans. A lot of Tillmans' work fit with the theme of nothingness. Nothingness in the sense that it's physically there but it's usually overlooked and uninteresting. The photo reminded me of two comets travelling through a worm hole in deep space, the beautiful nature of an event like this happening without any influence from man or technology. I believe things like this happen in the universe almost every second, but the universe is so vast that it's overlooked or the moment is missed and forever lost in time.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Autumn Duffle Coat Shoot (09.12.2013)

Autumn Duffle Coat Shoot

I planned this shoot with my friend Oliver for quite some time. The aim of the shoot was to capture some catalogue style photos, highlighting the coat. I also got Oliver to pose with a Polaroid SX-70 because, from my research I found that the Duffle Coat was really popular, even before the 50s and the SX-70 is also very old.

Friday, 6 December 2013

University and Portfolio (06.12.2013)

University and Portfolio (06/12/2013)

I've got a few photos that I've yet to upload. I'll probably upload them in the following week, but I've been busy with my Media work as well as my University application. I received an email from a few universities which want me to submit an online portfolio. I've done a few more photo shoots last week that I'm hopefully going to add into my portfolio to balance the type of photography I have in my portfolio. Here is a few shots I've taken and edited. I edited them the photos to create a vintage/retro style look.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

London MCM Comic Con and other stuff! (29.10.2013)

London MCM Comic Con (29/10/2013)

Every year I go to Comic con, whether it's in May or October. This year was slightly different, I brought my camera and camera bag as usual, but I didn't feel compelled to take any photos. Whether it was because the event became more and more bland as I go every time, or maybe I no longer like the casual style of photography. 

Here are some from my previous cons. 

I picked up- when I say I picked up I mean my cousins Eric and Elaine got me - Hot Toys Agent Coulson figure. The resemblance of Clark Gregg is uncanny. It'll fit perfectly along with my Captain America! Took some shots with it, and even tried to make a stop motion video. It's been so long since I made one, and a first with a Hot Toys figure with so many joints and beautiful articulation!

And other stuff!

Some other crazy stuff I did for my Photography project were, light painting within the darkroom and levitation photography. 

The levitation photography didn't go too well. The basics of levitation is all there, the lifting off the ground, but the clothes aren't draping down from gravity. I did try to liquify the clothes to create the illusion, but it looks very obvious. 
 I also tried my hand on Hadouken photography. 
The first attempt at it.
It started to get better, I think?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Flour Photography

Flour throwing experiment (25.09.2013)

I stumbled upon this cool experiment a while ago, when randomly googling strobist photography, and it fit well with the theme of my photography course (it was similar to the style of a b/w photographer that photographed motion, Harold Edgerton). The process is really throwing flour (preferably really hard!) and just capturing the split second, no, a nano second after the impact to get a really cool effect. 

I wanted to focus mainly on the small bits of flour shattering or bouncing off of Oliver (guy in the photo). To make the smaller bits of flour more visible, I increased the contrast and clarity in Lightroom. I found that a lot of the preset effects in Lightroom worked well with these photos, I'm not too sure why, maybe because there's simpler range of colours? However I can't decide which one looks best.


 Old Polar Preset


 Selenium Preset

 Old Polar Preset


 Blue High Contrast Preset

Sepia Preset

 Bleach Bypass Preset

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Water droplet photography

Photographing Water Flow

As part of my Photography A level work, I tried capturing water flow by dropping and pouring dyed water into a vase of clear water. The results varied from a cloudy flow to a flow that resembled an artist's brushstroke.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Since I lost the login and password of my old blog, I decided to make a new one. My name's Leung-Kit and I'm an amateur photographer, for my first entry I'll highlight some of my previous work.