Tuesday, 29 October 2013

London MCM Comic Con and other stuff! (29.10.2013)

London MCM Comic Con (29/10/2013)

Every year I go to Comic con, whether it's in May or October. This year was slightly different, I brought my camera and camera bag as usual, but I didn't feel compelled to take any photos. Whether it was because the event became more and more bland as I go every time, or maybe I no longer like the casual style of photography. 

Here are some from my previous cons. 

I picked up- when I say I picked up I mean my cousins Eric and Elaine got me - Hot Toys Agent Coulson figure. The resemblance of Clark Gregg is uncanny. It'll fit perfectly along with my Captain America! Took some shots with it, and even tried to make a stop motion video. It's been so long since I made one, and a first with a Hot Toys figure with so many joints and beautiful articulation!

And other stuff!

Some other crazy stuff I did for my Photography project were, light painting within the darkroom and levitation photography. 

The levitation photography didn't go too well. The basics of levitation is all there, the lifting off the ground, but the clothes aren't draping down from gravity. I did try to liquify the clothes to create the illusion, but it looks very obvious. 
 I also tried my hand on Hadouken photography. 
The first attempt at it.
It started to get better, I think?