Friday, 6 November 2015

Richmond Park with SANDQVIST and DENIM DUDES (02.11.2015)

Richmond Park with SANDQVIST and DENIM DUDES (02.11.2015)

If you follow my Instagram you know two things; one, I'm an egotistical person who loves taking selfies and modelling, and... I am so OBSESSED with my new SANDQVIST bag! I've been eyeing their bags for weeks now, and finally decided to treat myself. For those that don't know, SANDQVIST is a AMAZING Swedish brand (I love the Swedes, and Scandinavia). Normally, it does look out of place in the city (although there are collections designed for the city in mind), the bags deserved to be used in their natural environment, the wilderness. 

The fog in London yesterday was CRAZY. I could barely see in front of me. Me and a friend decided to go to Richmond Park (in the fog it was sort of a cool adventure, but practically it was a stupid decision). If you're not familiar with Richmond Park, it's a really big park (understatement, it's fricking HUGE) with so many animals. Unfortunately this time around, there weren't any deers around. We saw one through the thick of the fog, as we were leaving the park - I didn't take a photo, but it would've been a fricking cool photo!

What's that I'm holding? That's 'Denim Dudes' by Amy Leverton. A super cool book, that all denim lovers must have! - I did not write that from a script, it's actually true. I recently had the opportunity to speak to H&M's senior print designer, and denim obsessed lover Kelly Harrington for Eight, and she mentioned Denim Dudes, and Amy Leverton. If Kelly recommends it, I HAD to pick it up.

That's me reading Denim Dudes, and the first issue of Eight Magazine... which you can pick up here.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

FIN (05.10.2015)


It's finally finished. The magazine is finally complete. I started this magazine at the end of July, with a few friends. It was an ambitious project, dedicating a publication to the works of eight incredibly talented artists from every corner of this industry. I've met so many incredibly talented people along the way, that have helped me so much, in so so many ways - especially with providing advice! I've learnt so much from all the people I've spoken to. Seriously, forget uni, forget a formal education - just start something and dive into the depths of the unknown. You will learn so much about yourself. 

This magazine started as something positive, as a platform in which artists can promote their work. It sort of snowball'ed into something much bigger than I intended, reaching different digital medias - and soon on YouTube. But for me personally, it became a life vest to keep me afloat and sane during a horrible month of family problems. I'm honestly not sure what'll happen after I hit the big UPLOAD button. I'd probably crawl in a ball and cry for a few hours...

The launch issue features eight artists, a few are close friends who's work and quality I adore and strive to match. The eight artists are; Isabella Singleton (Bella Singleton), Victoria Skinner (Tigermlk), Sam Goodridge, Katarzyna Drazek, Caterina Schmitt, Kristina Lechner, Kotoka Izumi, and Eimear Varian Barry. Each and everyone of these creatives bring something different to the table, whether it be style, type of media or the sector of the industry they're in. What they share in common is they produce beautiful pieces of art in their own right. Photographers, Sam Goodridge, Katarzyna Drazek have very different photography styles and they capture beauty, and femininity in different ways. Isabella Singleton, and Caterina Schmitt produce incredibly pieces of clothing, but their styles, and their target demographics different. I could go on and write an essay about how incredibly talented each and every one of these artists are, but what I'm trying to say is - the creative direction of Eight was to make it appeal to a wide range of Art, and Fashion enthusiasts. 

Probably my biggest highlight of this journey was photographing Eimear Varian Barry. I'm a huge huge huge fan of her Instagram. Seriously. If you're not following her, you should do it now - like legally, I'm pretty sure you're breaking the law by not following her. Her style is so incredible, and simply chic. Her palette are neutral colours, but through the way she layers and styles it renders the rest of the colour spectrum redundant.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that has helped made this possible from my friends, to people that have given me advice and guidance along this incredible journey, and finally a huge thanks to the artists that gave me the honour of featuring their work.

Thank you.

Friday, 31 July 2015

New Magazine start up and my thoughts (31.07.2015)

New Magazine start up and my thoughts (31.07.2015)

Recently I've started a new magazine with a few friends. The magazine is called 'Eight Magazine'. It's a fashion based magazine, that focuses on highlighting up-and-coming artists. Every issue we'll feature 8 artists from a wide range of media. It won't just be 8 photographers every issue, it'll have painters, illustrations, musicians, poets, authors, sculptors, film makers, etc. 

I have never done something like this before, not on this scale. This is a large collaboration with myself, 8 artists, and numerous writers and editors. I have little experience with managing a magazine, and I'm very grateful for the people I have the opportunity to work with, because they have been incredibly helpful and inspiring. 

However, a part of me is struggling to keep afloat.

Along with the magazine, we have a website:

At the moment, I'm focusing more on the website and our social media to generate viewers and a following. The website focuses on posting the latest; art, fashion, film, music and photography news. I try to post two articles a day minimum. This can be difficult if I'm busy during the day, there aren't many writers that write for our website, actually it's just me and my friend James. One thing that really bugged me was, a few articles I have posted were for the sake of posting something. It didn't feel right. You can see it in some of my writing, some articles I can write a ton about, and is generally more entertaining to read. I've currently tried to stop posting junk articles - if I'm going to post something and I can't write a lot about it, I'll just post the facts. Take my latest post about the Herschel Supply Co. Fall Lookbook. The lookbook is so beautiful and well done, but I couldn't find many words to write about it, so I just posted a quote, some facts and a link to the collection. It felt more honest to write that way. I didn't have to make up some bullshit sentences or feign excitement.

Another issue I'm having with is Google Analytics. Every morning and every night, and several times throughout the day... I check Google Analytics. I need to know how many page views we're getting, how many users, what's the bounce rate, what days are doing well, and why they're doing well. But the past two days the user and view count have started to drop. I don't know why. Last Saturday, we didn't post any articles and it was one of our highest traffic days. I don't know why.

I feel like I should stop looking at Google Analytics so intensely, it provides me with facts but it doesn't predict the future. Just because a few articles about women's fashion did well, doesn't guarantee that if I write more about, that we'll get more traffic.

This is a minor diary like entry/rant that I wanted to write. Please check out Eight Magazine if you're interested in art, fashion, film, music or photography news.

Here are some links to our stuff:

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How I felt a year ago (25.06.2015)

How I felt a year ago (25.06.2015)

This is a post that I wrote in my personal journal. I haven't written in it in over a year, I found that using this blog is enough of some sort of output for me. To set the scene, a little over a year ago I hadn't actually shot any fashion photography - I mean with a completely unknown model, not with friends. I'm from a small town, which meant it was difficult for me to find models and that was my excuse.

Two steps forward, one step back (10.02.2014)

Every time I try to move forward, there's the realisation that I'm not moving. I've learnt as much of the theory side of photography, of fashion photography, of lighting, and composition. I've spent a bloody year and a half (on and off) trying to organise a shoot in London. The idea's strong in my head, no models. Models, but no idea. I'll try my hardest this year. To incorporate fashion into my college project. So far 'I'm the fashion photographer who hasn't shot any fashion'. Well, that's not entirely true, I shot Oli and Rishan, but that was all in a confined, confident and comfortable place. I need to grow a pair and shoot outside of Luton.

I've got no clue what I'm going to do. I'm good at photography, but I need to be great at one genre of photography. I kept pushing the decision off and off, but after visiting LCC, I realised that I'm well behind. People know what the fuck they're doing but not me. Like an unexposed roll of film approaching its expiry date. I just need to push the shutter and enjoy the ride.

The photoshoot that took one and a half years to plan.

I've got a wardrobe artist/model; now I just need a concept. Flowers are in at the moment, so floral prints and jeans? Floral blouse in rainy/snowy weather? Bad idea.

Okay location, Convent Garden area, Soho Garden, Victoria Embankment Gardens? Somewhere with interesting architecture. Street Fashion

Technical Stuff

Well it's for a Photography project, what cameras to take...
D90 + Polaroid is the safest bet
Candid style narrative. 20 Final shots - 100 + overall
Budget: travelcard - £20, food/drink £20 = £40.

Okay so you get the gist of how I was feeling at the time. I don't think I'll post my after shoot thoughts, mostly because it was just me going OH MY GOD! I FINALLY SHOT SOMEONE!

I would say I've improved a good bit since that journal entry, albeit not as much as I had hoped. I hope to shoot some more this summer, and to follow my Five Year Plans, to get published next year. I might post more of these personal entries if they're suitable.

 The shoot with Emma in which the journal entry was leading up to.

Monday, 22 June 2015

A great end to a wonderful year (22.06.2015)

A great end to a wonderful year (22.06.2015)

So I've finished my first year at university. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be that great - but it turned out to be really fun! I learnt a ton about technical stuff like studio lighting, and business-y things, and met lots of wonderful and unique people.

From one of my last uni projects this year. 

Most of the memories I made this year ended up on my wall. Or should I say my old wall, because I no longer live there. I had a big wall(s) filled with Polaroids with friends and photoshoots.

Lovely Polaroids from my last few shoots

It's been a brilliant year, a huge thank you to everyone I've met and have helped me along the way. I hope 2nd year of uni will be equally as enjoyable. 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tea cups (20.06.2015)

Tea cups (20.06.2015)

This shoot was from last month. It was a fun shoot with Dayana from Model-Union, and Sarah - a make up artist I've worked with several times.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Catching up on a busy month (28.05.2015)

Catching up on a busy month (28.05.2015)

Since my shoot with Leni over a month ago, I've been really busy with photography. I've had several shoots in the style of black and white agency style portfolio look. I shot this style a few times, because I wanted to approach more agencies to test with their models. My portfolio didn't have enough studio work, and it didn't look 'safe'. I mean safe in the way, that my style wasn't very consistent, I wanted these black and white shots to show I can consistently shoot at that level and style. So here are a few shoots I did in the past month.

Model: Lena (
Model: Aurelija @ Model Union
Model: Jay @ Body London
MUA: Sarah Elizabeth Makeup Artist

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Quick Photoshop Retouching (14.04.2015)

Quick Photoshop Retouching (14.04.2015)

I'm trying out something new. I uploaded a quick retouching video from my recent shoot with Leni. I'm planning to record some tutorials in the future, but here's just a quick look at how I edit. I don't claim to be a professional at retouching and editing, it's just a quick video to show some insight in how I edit.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Shoreditch Fashion Shoot (09.04.2015)

Shoreditch Fashion Shoot (09.04.2015)

On Tuesday, I had a lovely street style with LeniSD (ModelMayhem) and Sarah Elizabeth MUA (Facebook) in Shoreditch. It was actually the first time I'd collaborated with a make up artist, and it was amazing! I regret not working with make up artists until now, because Sarah kept pointing out hairs and other small things that I wouldn't have noticed until post (and that would've been a pain to sort out!).

These photos were shot around Brick Lane - Shoreditch area. The last two photos with the Vans shirt were shot on Blackall Street. It's a beautiful street, with buildings covered in art. Sadly, they're tearing the buildings down as part of the regeneration of the area. When we got there, only half of the buildings remain.

Here are some Polaroids I shot as well.