Monday, 2 June 2014

The Five Year Plan (02/06/2014)

The Five Year Plan (02/06/2014)

So, I'm currently finished with college (in British terms it's education between high school and university) and I'm shit scared of what's going to happen next. I wrote down a Five Year Plan on a Post-it note, but I've managed to lose the note. I'll try and remember it from my memory.

1 - 3 Years: University. Try to make the most out of uni. I've applied (and hopefully got into) to Ravensbourne, it's really good for this industry and networking with clients and creative people. I really hope to build a team during my years at uni. Also, there's like two or three studios at this uni; which means - free studio space! It'll make experimenting with studio lighting much cheaper and accessible.

2nd Year: Get published. I know, it's in a bit of an awkward chronological order. In my second year of university, I hoped to get published in something, an indie magazine, a fashion blog or something more commercial (might be dreamin' a bit here).

4th Year: Stay in London. London is one of the fashion capitals and would be the best place to network. I really want to stay in London after uni, even if it means doing shitty jobs.

5th Year: Own/Live in a studio. All the greats seem to have done it; Wolfgang Tillmans, Joey L, etc. They've seemed to live in their studio, or convert their apartment into a studio. That's the end of my Five Year Plan. I think having my own studio will help to move further and present my opportunities. 

But... nothing ever goes to plan, does it? This is what I'm aiming for in the next five years; it's good to have a goal to keep me on track.