Saturday, 5 April 2014

Nora (03/04/2014)

Nora (03/04/2014)

Last Saturday I collaborated with Nora, who is a fantastic model on a photo shoot.  We took some shots around this beautiful plot of land behind the Luton Airport by some farm fields. The theme of the shoot was about a girl who is lost in out in the country field. It fits within my project theme of Growth and Evolution, I shot with three cameras; my D90, the Canon EOS 500 (film slr), and the Polaroid SX-70. I wanted to capture this shoot through three different mediums. For the outfit, I asked Nora to come in a simple white shirt or summer dress and some shorts. I found the floral headpiece on Etsy - it added a bit of detail and a natural touch to the outfit, which works well with the white top and the Rapeseed Field.

My favourite shot from the shoot

I had some issues with the roll of film. I got them developed at Snappy Snaps and their developing contraption got scratched my film and there were some patches of orange undeveloped bits. Anyway, here are the shots with the film camera:

Finally, the Polaroid scans:

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