Thursday, 24 April 2014

60s Summer shoot (19/04/2014)

60s Summer shoot (19/04/2014)

This photoshoot is part of my final piece for my current A2 Photography project. The shoot was at Victoria Park in London. The theme of the shoot was surrounding 60s fashion, specifically the cat eye sunglasses. I wanted to edit the photos in the style of a film effect, with off colours. As you can see, I added a reddish hue to the blacks, and added a creamy yellow to the highlights which gives it the perfect, or imperfect look. I provided the mood board to Tegan, she picked an outfit that looked similarly. I got the sunglasses from Topshop for about £16.

This is my favourite shot from the shoot. I didn't realise that Victoria Park had cultural buildings like this.

It was really chilly, props to Tegan for bracing through it. We switched to a warmer outfit toward the end of the shoot. 

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