Friday, 21 February 2014

London Shoot (21/02/2014)

London Shoot (21/02/2014)

So my second shoot for this project was a fashion portraiture shoot. I shot in London with Emma, who I discovered on ModelMayhem. The shoot was based on  the narrative of a young woman travelling through London - through the streets, the parks and even the tube. Finally she arrives at the riverside. 

 Taken on the Hungerford Bridge - with a great view of the London cityscape behind.

The outfit is very laidback and subtle, but it's also trendy. Cute leather jacket and jumper, and a floral patterned skirt. 

Not quite sure how I feel about this framing - not what I'm usually used to, but it seems to work well

These two shots were taken at Westminster station. I wanted to capture the lost expression on Emma, and the train passing by shows how everyone's moving on but she's still searching for the Thames. 

 This shot reminds me of an old Vogue cover - pre Anna Wintour

These two last shots are my favourite from the shoot. Although it captures more of a portrait aspect than a fashion - they're visually stunning. I love the sort of ethereal warm glow. This shoot was a huge fun - I hadn't shot with someone I didn't know personally so it was a bit scary at first, but it was a lot of fun and I'm incredibly happy with the outcome.

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