Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Salvation (15/01/2014)

Salvation (15/01/2014)

Blue is a cool colour. Blue is a very confined, constricted colour, and introverted. The colour blue absorbs light inwards rather than pulsate it outwards. It contains spiritual elements to its hue. Johannes Itten describes the colour blue in a spiritual perspective as an active colour and the colour red passive. The colour blue signifies faith, and in Chinese superstition it symbolises immortality.

I came across the title whilst listening to a song called Salvation (link). I was reviewing my photos which I had just taken, which were blurred photos of Space from my phone. The song and its lyrics greatly reflected the photos I just took. The original photos of Space that were on my phone emphasises the emptiness of Space. Space is vast beyond anything our brains can comprehend, and we’re constantly looking, hoping and searching for Salvation, to prove that we’re not alone in the universe. 

You can find the full set on my Flickr

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