Friday, 6 November 2015

Richmond Park with SANDQVIST and DENIM DUDES (02.11.2015)

Richmond Park with SANDQVIST and DENIM DUDES (02.11.2015)

If you follow my Instagram you know two things; one, I'm an egotistical person who loves taking selfies and modelling, and... I am so OBSESSED with my new SANDQVIST bag! I've been eyeing their bags for weeks now, and finally decided to treat myself. For those that don't know, SANDQVIST is a AMAZING Swedish brand (I love the Swedes, and Scandinavia). Normally, it does look out of place in the city (although there are collections designed for the city in mind), the bags deserved to be used in their natural environment, the wilderness. 

The fog in London yesterday was CRAZY. I could barely see in front of me. Me and a friend decided to go to Richmond Park (in the fog it was sort of a cool adventure, but practically it was a stupid decision). If you're not familiar with Richmond Park, it's a really big park (understatement, it's fricking HUGE) with so many animals. Unfortunately this time around, there weren't any deers around. We saw one through the thick of the fog, as we were leaving the park - I didn't take a photo, but it would've been a fricking cool photo!

What's that I'm holding? That's 'Denim Dudes' by Amy Leverton. A super cool book, that all denim lovers must have! - I did not write that from a script, it's actually true. I recently had the opportunity to speak to H&M's senior print designer, and denim obsessed lover Kelly Harrington for Eight, and she mentioned Denim Dudes, and Amy Leverton. If Kelly recommends it, I HAD to pick it up.

That's me reading Denim Dudes, and the first issue of Eight Magazine... which you can pick up here.

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