Thursday, 28 May 2015

Catching up on a busy month (28.05.2015)

Catching up on a busy month (28.05.2015)

Since my shoot with Leni over a month ago, I've been really busy with photography. I've had several shoots in the style of black and white agency style portfolio look. I shot this style a few times, because I wanted to approach more agencies to test with their models. My portfolio didn't have enough studio work, and it didn't look 'safe'. I mean safe in the way, that my style wasn't very consistent, I wanted these black and white shots to show I can consistently shoot at that level and style. So here are a few shoots I did in the past month.

Model: Lena (
Model: Aurelija @ Model Union
Model: Jay @ Body London
MUA: Sarah Elizabeth Makeup Artist

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