Monday, 4 August 2014

Rooftop Shoot with Emma (04/08/2014)

Rooftop Shoot with Emma (04/08/2014)

I was contacted by Emma (who I'd previously shot with back in February); she wanted to get some photos for her portfolio. Like on my previous shoot, Emma was super friendly and easy to shoot with! Emma's Facebook page is here.

 We shot on the rooftop above her apartment. The weather was hot, and with the sun beating down on us made it worst. However, the view was absolutely beautiful! The rooftop overlooked the London cityscape (I wish I'd got a quick pic of it).

The wild contraption called a 'chair'. The most unstable, and dangerous prop I've shot with! When taking these shots, the chair felt like it was about to collapse on itself. 

I wanted to play about with the VSCO filters on these photos. I'm absolutely in love with the film look at the moment. I'm happy with the way these two shots came out; I might have to reprocess them though. I wanted the blues in the jeans to come out more sharper and vibrant, and the browns to be more washed out. 

I shot with Emma in front of the sky. The clouds acted as a huge white backdrop, and created an angelic feel to the photo. The other photo was shot in front of a white-ish wall. Emma was looking for a Polaroid look (Polaroids as in the backstage photos before a fashion show). With minimal make up and a plain wall, it highlights Emma's natural features. 

These two photos were my favourite from the entire shoot! Also my best outcome with the VSCO filters. It reminded me of photos from a lookbook. 

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